You and me

This poem is for those who are homeless

Written by Xueqin Qian 

You are driving,  passing me, but you did not see me

Although we are both called human,

We are quite different


You are buying cars and enjoy the “STUFF” you have

I am “borrowing” pizza from restaurants


You are hanging out with your families

I have no family to go to

Instead bouncing from shelter to shelter, bridge to bridge


You are talking about elections, exercising, taking vitamin D to be healthy

I am wandering around the street

With people like me

Drugs, drinking, and weed


At night, looking at the stars

I don’t know why I exist


“There is a church. Go there” I hear a voice from heaven

I went,

But left,

Because I don’t see myself belonging


My clothes are ragged

My beard is long

But theirs are clean

I know

I don’t fit in


Where should I go?

Where do I belong?

Where is the miracle?

Is there one?


In this hopeless world

With my hopeless life

I long to see Abba father one day

The real Abba father, full of glory

The one described in the Bible

There I will find comfort, joy, and the purpose of my life.



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