See God’s face

Today I have see Jesus’ face and experienced God’s love. Here is what happened. As part of my daily routine, I drop Eddie at a daycare, drive to a parking lot near the TCF stadium, and walk to my office. On my way to my office, I often see this girl, in her early 20s, dressed in rugged clothes. It is not hard to tell that she is homeless and struggle with some mental health problems. The first reaction I had was to grab whatever I can from my lunch bag and put in her bag. The thought that race through my head at that moment was”when you see her, you see my face”. That is right. When I see a person in need, I see Jesus. When I obey God and help those in needs, I experience God’s love. For me, seeing  His face and experiencing His love is what sustains me. No matter how hard life is and will be, I will not give up, simply because it is so wonderful and amazing to experience His love.


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