Adam Levy, a musician in Minnesota wrote this song called “How I let it down” to remember his son Daniel Levy, who committed his life due to depression when he was 21.

Pals family were killed in a tragic car accident who were on their way to Colorado for missionary training. Five lives left us, and among them, three children.

Michael Roinestad, whom I met near campus, a homeless person who struggle with addition since he was 12.

I feel the pain, so harsh, that I could not breath.

I hear the crying of Daniel’s parents; I feel the sense of confusion and despair in Michael. My heart sinks when I read the story about Pals’ family. But, the Pals story is different from Daniel and Michael’s story. The difference is that there is victory in Pals tragic accident-the hope in Christ. I see myself be charged with the mission-to spread God’s words to people who are suffering.



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