What is essential?

Looking outside my window, I see beautiful trees. I asked myself:

Will I be Ok if one day I can no longer see the beautiful tress, flowers, squirrels, and birds in this world for several years?
Will I be Ok if I move to a country where we cannot take shower everyday, dirt everywhere, and no dishwasher?
Will I be Ok if I do not go to our favorite restaurants for several years but eating plain food.
I think those things I listed above are nice but my family and I will be OK without them. We will miss them but very soon we will accept the facts and be used to the new life. People move on.
If this is the case, then what is not OK then without it? My child, my spouse? I love Jay and Eddie and they are my favorite people in the world:)  But many people suffered from the loss of spouse, like my friend whose husband passed away from ALS and Aunt Donna lost uncle Jim very recently. Their lives continue on…with tremendous sadness but each day they still live their life.
Then what is it that is essential?
I feel for me, I will not be OK if I can no longer feel being loved by Jesus, even though my heart desires it, pursue it with all its energy, but somehow, just cannot feel the pain of Jesus on the cross and the mercy/love He has for me.  In this case, there is no spirit in me but a walking dead body.

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