Somebody broke into Dad’s car

It is an interesting morning. Jay went out to warm up his car and found that somebody broke in his car. As a result, the car did not start. Then we told Eddie “Eddie, somebody broke in daddy’s car.” Eddie “he is a diesel” (Diesel is a character in the Thomas train. It is his way to say somebody is bad). “Well, it is ok. We still have Jesus”, J and I continued. Then Eddie said, “and Santa”.

That is right. We have Jesus and Santa who is a symbol of gift and joy. Nobody wants to cry when thinking of Santa. Also, reflecting on what happened, I am so grateful for the changes God has made in our lives. With God’s grace, we are able to tell Eddie that although bad things happen, there are still so many good things. Among them all, the best is Jesus as Matthew 1:23 says “they shall call his name Emmanual, which being interpreted is, God with us”.

Undoubtedly, the process of fixing this car is not pleasant. But compare to the Grace God has given to our family, this is so minor. We will fix this car with a gratitude that God has given us this opportunity to realize that we should ALWAYS dwell on the positive side of our life (i.e., Jesus died for our sin) when we are facing difficulties and that things come and go but God’s words remain forever.


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