Shift focus

Once I was in a small group and somebody was talking about difficulties in life being a blessing from God. Back then I was thinking “yeah, it is easier for you to say that cause you have a job, a house, and insurance all that”. Now looking back, I realize what that person said is true: when life sucks, there is an opportunity that our faith can be made stronger.

 Every relationship builds on “strong needs”. Inherent to any relationship is the interdependence of two humans. A relationship starts when one person realizes that he or she desperately needs another human. If a wife says to her husband “I don’t really need you anymore”, it pretty much suggests that the marriage is about to end. The same logic applies to our relationship with God. If I say to Jesus, “I don’t need you. I don’t need to pray. I don’t  need the cross”, then what it is the point to go to church. Without a desperate desire of crying for God’s help, there is no spirit in us. We are no difference from people who do not believe. So let’s cry out to Jesus, “we need you! Lead us to your cross and allow us to wept your feet with our tears!”

Hosanna to the highest!! God, change my heart. Teach me how to obey you and rely on you for everything I do. Humble me God.

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