See the light

For my job, I go to juvenile detention centers and jails a lot to collect data on these kids. It is a cold and dark place, especially the adult jails. When I flip through the files, I cannot help asking “what are these people thinking about?” “how can they be violent?” “why is it so hard for them to change”? Especially, the last question, I ask myself a lot. How do we help them change? I think for social science, beside designing experiment to prove “common sense”, the real contribution should be developing effective programs and interventions for our students like those in juvenile detention centers. The answer I came up with is to see the light in our heart that is described in the Bible. No matter how screwed up we are (parents divorcing, mental health issue, drug addicts etc), we need to picture that we see the light, the bright light. I think that light is what kept Victor Frankl alive after concentration camp. Our ability to see and feel the light from Jesus will keep us away from darkness.


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