Consistency about Jesus

For my dissertation, I trained several undergraduates to code videos of children with autism. For this task,they need to give a specific behavior a code. For example, if they observed teacher warmth, then give it a code “w”. The key to success in this type of training is that I need to be consistent with my definition of teacher warmth. If I call one certain type of behavior  warmth, I cannot later give it a different name. Otherwise, I will confuse my students. In other words, I have to be consistent through my coding so that my undergraduates can follow my logic and figure out what is exactly the thing I called “warmth”.

Jesus is always consistent. Through the gospels, He said consistently that He is the son of God. If one wants to know God’s will, then imitate Jesus. He did not change his mind or the way he acts because some people were not happy. He can be consistent because He only cares the will of God. A diagram to illustrate this point: God is consistent–>Jesus is God and only does God told him to do–>Jesus is consistent.
Why am I not consistent? I think the answer is easy. One part of me follows the standards of Jesus and one part is still influenced by the world. There are two different definition of “my life”. This discrepancy only leads to confusion, insecurity, and anxiety. If there is consistency, that is only one standard guiding one’s behavior (Bible), then my life should be filled with joy and satisfaction, which is opposite of confusion. This is what I try to strive for!

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